Engaging with the community is an area that many Kickstarter creators overlook, but that’s certainly not the case with Synthetik. The futuristic, top-down shooter already looks promising with its crisp graphics and plenty of action. Yet it’s the enthusiastic attempts to attract backers that really caught my attention.

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German developer Flow Fire Games have already announced plenty of community achievements with in-game items unlocked for every 100 followers on social media. Another in-game item will be unlocked after 50 Kickstarter comments, while a bonus blood mode will be added after 150 retweets on Twitter.


It doesn’t stop there as anyone (not just backers) is free to vote on further stretch goals. The two-man development team are also welcoming questions via Twitter and have already set up a dedicated Synthetik subreddit. In a more innovative step, a shared Google document allows anyone to submit suggestions and ideas for inclusion.


Of course the game itself looks pretty cool as well with plenty of machines and enemies for the android protagonist to blast as you ascends the Citadel to put an end to the machine uprising. I’m personally less keen on the RPG elements, but they may appeal more to other potential backers. The fact that development is so far along is another big plus – it could end up being released as soon as December 2016.


However, despite all the positive elements there has been a disappointing lack of interest in Synthetik. At the time of writing there are only six Kickstarter comments and no responses to the subreddit. That’s reflected in the the low number of Kickstarter backers so far. Only 54 in fact, with just €1,236 pledged of the €15,000 ($16,756) target. Still it is very early days. With over three weeks to go there is still time for word of this promising Kickstarter project to spread.

(Ed. We’ve added the very promising Synthetik to our Kickstarter Curator page, check it out at Kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

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