I’m a fan of quirky and unique games. I’m also a fan of games with cyberpunk or cyberspace elements. In the case of Broken Reality, it both has unique gameplay and a 1980s inspired look at the Internet. The artwork might look incredibly dated by today’s standards, but that’s how it all looked two or three decades ago. In short, this game pays homage to the culture of the past.

Broken Reality

Broken Reality is a first person adventure set in a low resolution representation of the World Wide Web. Those familiar with how we used to think it would look back in the ’80s should feel right at home here. It also takes more modern concepts and dumps them in for good measure, such as the “like thumb” used in Facebook.

Broken Reality

If there’s one problem that I have with Broken Reality is that there’s no demo available to try out. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but they did mention one in the pitch. Unfortunately, said demo won’t be available until “before 2017”, according to the short blurb at the very top of the page. If you’re going to announce a demo, make sure that it’s ready before or during the campaign. Otherwise, don’t say anything about it at all.

Broken Reality

Lack of demo aside, I do really like the idea behind Broken Reality. It’s got a solid concept, even if we don’t know much about the plot. From what I’ve gathered, this is more of an open world sandbox game. Even so, you don’t need an epic tale to have an exciting adventure. Hopefully, it will get funded but they still have a long ways to go.

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