Bullet hell shooters are already overwhelming, but Super Mega Best Cat Adventures aims to overload all of your senses right from the campaign page. Described by its creator as a “crazy kaleidoscopic arcade shooter,” Super Mega Best Cat Adventures features chaotically colorful randomly generated levels with bizarre foes and psychedelic graphics.

The player pilots a cat through intense stages of hyper-active pixel art, blasting every enemy in their way. The enemies are similarly nonsensical, ranging from a leg of ham to washing machines. The humor is incredibly absurd, which should have been obvious from the game’s title. Garish colors and flashing lights aside, Super Mega Best Cat Adventures definitely has some charm, particularly in its music.


The soundtrack by NintenKwonDo! is phenomenal and kept me watching the trailer long after I’d had to avert my eyes for the sake of my sanity. The looping chiptune beat was really exciting and felt like the perfect compliment to the over-the-top action on the screen. Assuming you can keep your eyes on the screen for more than a few seconds at a time.

Developer Peter Barwick acknowledges that the flashing imagery used for Super Mega Best Cat Adventures isn’t for everyone. The gameplay trailers and website promoting the project feature warnings that the content may be unsafe for people with photo-sensitive epilepsy. Barwick blogged about the artistic decision to include large amounts of flashing content. He also explained the safety guidelines he’s utilizing for those affected by photo-sensitive epilepsy. It’s a surprisingly thoughtful decision from a game that features a compliment deer.


Super Mega Best Cat Adventures is seeking $13,084 on Kickstarter. After having to continually minimize the window while writing this article I can safely say the style isn’t for me, but if it sounds like something you’d enjoy you can back the Kickstarter and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

(Ed. We’ve added the very promising Super Mega Best Cat Adventures to our Kickstarter Curator page, check it out at Kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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