Game development is expensive, often prohibitively so. Akimbo Creations learned this lesson when they began work on their first game, Arc Continuum back in 2015. Arc was successfully pitched to and received funding from the Canadian Media Fund, but the funds were not enough to include all the features Akimbo had planned. Now they are bringing Arc Continuum to Kickstarter, hoping to bridge that funding gap and bring back the features that didn’t make the initial cut.

Attempting to deliver AAA quality gameplay on an indie budget won’t be easy, especially when their campaign goal sits at a lofty $100,000. Built in Unreal 4, I’ve no doubt that Arc Continuum will graphically look the part of a AAA title, but that’s still a lot of money for a project that nobody seems to have heard of before.

Arc is a 3rd person Sci-Fi action/adventure that allows players to control and manipulate time. The lore is deep and mixes ancient and modern sci-fi fantasy themes. The planet of Tarran has fallen under occupation by the warlike Kasaar who seek to claim the planet’s secret technology. Tarran has a uniquely raw and powerful energy capable of taming the chaos of time.


The ancient civilization on Tarran was able to harness this power for centuries before inexplicably disappearing. Modern citizens only know about this power through myths and legends that have persisted through generations. Playing as a Taraanian named Hadrian you are given a device that allows you to tap into this power once again. The ARC is a special glove that functions as both a conduit for time manipulation powers and also as a powerful weapon.

From there the story follows Hadrian as he struggles to survive and fight back against the oppressive military occupation of his planet. Can I just say I adore any game that clearly has such tremendous passion for its lore? When you watch the Kickstarter trailer you can hear the level of dedication and faith the Akimbo team has in this project, and that’s pretty exciting.

Despite my narrative hype, I’m still worried that passion and lore won’t be enough to get Arc funded. The game has received positive feedback and was Greenlit on Steam last year. The developers have promised a playable demo build as early as November of this year to all backers. Hopefully high standards, polish, and interesting mechanics will be enough to see Arc Continuum secure funding for it’s Spring 2017 release.

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