Cooperative puzzle games can be fun, assuming you have someone clever to play with. Luckily, a new puzzle-platformer offers co-op, but lets you go it alone if you feel up to the task. The Rabbit and The Owl is a negative space puzzle game on Kickstarter. Formal Sheep have already managed to exceed their $5,000 goal for the campaign and are working toward their first stretch goal.

The Rabbit and The Owl takes place in Yril, an ethereal world fractured into light and darkness. The white rabbit occupies the dark space while the black owl exists in the light. Each character can manipulate objects within their contrasting environment. Moving switches or creating blocks allows the other to progress past obstacles. While there are platforming elements, the primary focus of gameplay is to figure out how to utilize the character’s abilities so they can reach their respective goals and complete the level together.


Yril isn’t just a bland backdrop either. The world has myths and lore that the player can unlock as they progress through the levels. There are remnants of an ancient conflict which you must slowly piece together to understand what brought the rabbit and owl together.


You can complete the game entirely solo if you don’t have a dedicated player two at your disposal. All the puzzles are asynchronous, so you never have to use both characters at the same time to complete an action. Instead you can switch back and forth between the rabbit and owl to solve the puzzles thorough the light/dark mechanic. There is also a local co-op option.

To be able to integrate on-line co-op, the team is asking for $15,000. If they make their $25,000 stretch goal, Formal Sheep is planning an exclusive co-op campaign that would require simultaneous actions to complete. With the campaign having already raised over $7,000 it’s possible that The Rabbit and The Owl is well on its way to more co-op features in the near future. You can download the demo now over on the Kickstarter page.

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