I grew up on text adventures. One of the first games I remember playing is Zork, and from that point on I fell in love with the genre. I’m also a big fan of hacker games. Code 7 manages to merge both together into what looks like an interesting take on this gaming niche.

Code 7

Reading through the Kickstarter pitch for Code 7, I found myself wanting to know more. Outside of revealing that the player takes on the role of a hacker on some strange space station working against a rogue A.I., there’s not much revealed story-wise. That’s where the provided “episode 0” comes into play. This prequel of sorts is available for all to play, and hopefully fills in some blanks.

Putting together a text adventure isn’t particularly resource intensive. I threw together a rather crude submission for a game jam last year, after all. The majority of the funds for Code 7 are going towards voice acting. This can get rather expensive from what I’ve been told, so the Kickstarter makes sense in that regard.

Code 7

I haven’t made the decision to back Code 7, but what’s there has piqued my interested to at least star it for later. I love the premise, and will be playing through the hour-long episode when I get the chance. It’s rare to see a text adventure release at all today, but it’s even rarer to see one on Kickstarter. Either way, I do hope they make the somewhat modest goal and then some.

(Ed. We’ve added the promising Code 7 to our Kickstarter Curator page, check it out at Kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

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