A game called Guts and Glory arrived on Kickstarter last week. No, I’m not talking about that mobile swiping game with the muscular gladiators wielding gigantic weaponry. Instead, think of it more as a 3D Happy Wheels, where you navigate open environments in race-like scenarios involving plenty of deadly contraptions and opportunities to get severely injured.


With lots of blood, hilarious physics and plenty of screaming opportunities involved, I don’t think you’d be surprised if I told you that several big-time YouTubers such as PewDiePie and jacksepticeye have already made videos about the game. In fact, Guts and Glory has been available to play for free on IndieDB since May, where its had plenty of updates.

Having said that, I was surprised when I saw the campaign hadn’t already smashed its goal of $30,000. It certainly seems like that’s going to happen soon, with almost $10,000 being covered in a week, but such a sum isn’t a lot considering all the YouTube coverage behind Guts and Glory.


This might be because most videos came out before the actual Kickstarter launch. While jacksepticeye published three pieces of content, two of those happened during July and August. PewDiePie’s video, on the other hand, came out two days after the campaign’s launch, but only included a link to the game’s IndieDB page. Then again, you could also argue that those audiences are simply not interested in contributing towards a Kickstarter.

Adding More

Whatever the case, only time will tell if Guts and Glory will become the next Happy Wheels. A level editor with Steam Workshop integration is currently being developed, though, so that’s certainly a step in the right direction. Apart from that, the campaign mostly promises to add more and more to its already established formula – that includes additional cars with new playable characters and crowd AI.


Guts and Glory‘s is expected to arrive on Steam Early Access in March 2017, with all funding covering development costs prior to that. In addition, a recent Kickstarter update announced that indie publisher tinyBuild has come on board to help with marketing and console development, meaning that Xbox One and PS4 versions would also join the game’s release platforms.

(Ed: We’ve added the very promising Guts and Glory to our curation page on Kickstarter, check out the full list at http://kickstarter.com/cliqist!)

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