I normally don’t like playing isometric arcade-y type games. It doesn’t mean I won’t, though. These days I need to have something unique to at least capture my attention. Antraxx is certainly an interesting concept, and one I might look further into. It’s an online mech combat game pitting two teams against each other for control of the map. There’s more to it, though.


Giant Machines of Death

I do love blowing stuff up with giant machines of death, so Antraxx has certainly caught my eye. It is an online only game, though, and I find myself having less time to devote to multiplayer games than I have in the past. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t try out the demo they currently have. Be warned, it’s only supported by the Chrome browser for now. The pitch mentions a downloadable version soon.

The mech angle got me to look at Antraxx, but its the backstory that has piqued my interest. Apparently, humanity practically wiped out the planet’s ecosystem and have been forced to live underground. As such, anarchy soon became the norm and factions vie for power… in giant murder machines. It’s this post-apocalyptic political and military machinations that really has me wanting to see the single player campaign stretch goal unlocked.

AntraxxI’d be remiss at this point not to point out the fully-customizable options for these metal machines. Every single aspect of your mech can be swapped out for another in the same slot. Pick your favorite legs, arms, weapons, and even paint them each a color you like. Basically, go kill stuff in style.

Antraxx is certainly worth trying out for any fan of mecha combat games. If you use Chrome, then go ahead and check out the web version. If not, you’re going to have to wait for the downloadable executable.

(Ed: We’ve added the very promising Antraxx to our curation page on Kickstarter, check out the full list at http://kickstarter.com/cliqist!)

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