After an extended break, Kicked! is back on Cliqist, this time with Divinity: Original Sin. Watch as I find all new ways of angering a fan base, and completely butcher the name of one of the games I talk about. Strap yourselves in, its going to be one hell of a ride.

When you think of fantasy CRPG’s, you don’t typically think about Larian Studios, do you? You think of the old school companies and developers like Obsidian, Brian Fargo, or Chris Avellone, right? It really goes to show the contrast of Kickstarter in a lot of ways. It’s a service where anyone can be successful, whether it’s Fargo and Avellone themselves, or an equally fantastic studio with their own great game series. It just so happens that most of you have probably never heard of them before their Kickstarter.

A New Dynasty

The Divinity series is back, and it really is better than ever. With their previous games, Divine Divinity I and II, Larian built up an audience for themselves and learned the ropes. Divinity: Original Sin brought them slightly into the mainstream and was their first major success, and Divinity: Original Sin II welcomes them into the mainstream more than ever.

But this episode is all about their first Kickstarter game, their original game, you could say. That joke is just as unfunny in the video, trust me.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths