Get ready to fight against the rising tides and raging storms. Popcannibal’s Fig campaign is already 76% of the way towards their $50,000 funding goal with no hint of slowing. Make Sail combines exploration, construction, and physics into a high seas adventure.

Beginning in the eye of a major storm players have a small circle of islands and just enough pieces to hobble together a craft to move between them. Along the way you’ll find new parts to customize your ship to meet the challenges ahead. They’ll be beasts to outrace, treacherous narrows, and new heights to ascend.


Make Sail uses simulated wind, drag, and Popcannibal’s own custom buoyancy system to give each voyage a realistic feeling. Players can even create their own library of experimental ship parts and share their creations online. No worries though, it’s not a game where you explore merely for exploration’s sake.

A World of Adventure

The world you explore is a procedural arrangement of crafted islands, set-pieces, and creatures. Not only does this mean there are actually things to find, but each replay will present different challenges in gameplay. In addition to new and exciting ship parts, your explorations can also yield powerful totems that will push the storm back and unlock additional islands. Each totem brings you closer to escaping the storm.


Imagine the bests parts of No Man’s Sky and Kerbal Space Program combined, that’s my impression of Make Sail. It’s a physics construction adventure where exploration is not only fun, but also meaningful. It doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be graphically impressive. The environments and multitude of available ship parts are all lovingly designed to awe and inspire.

The game still has about a month left on it’s Fig campaign, but it doesn’t look like it should have any trouble meeting it’s funding goals. Make Sail is looking for a Fall 2017 release, but Popcannibal has been known to be quicker on their releases than anticipated.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller