I enjoy a good hacking game. Few have dealt with real-world scenarios, though. With NITE Team 4, you’ll be put in the shoes of a hacker as you do what you do best. Namely, engage in cyberwarfare against your targets. The kicker is these scenarios are based on real-world cases leaked by people like Edward Snowden.

Nite Team 4

In fact, Snowden does come up in the pitch. Between admitting to using leaked documents and this name drop, I do have some concerns NITE Team 4 might end up being a target by the government. Of course, I’m also a paranoid conspiracy nut so take that for what you will. Whether it gets taken down for security reasons or it makes funding, I love the idea behind this game.

Team Hacking

Unlike most hacking games, NITE Team 4 doesn’t pit a lone wolf against a corrupt government or corporation. Instead, you’ll be leading a team against your targets. After successfully navigating your way through the system, you can send ground units in to secure the site or complete┬áthe objective. Frankly, this is a breath of fresh air from games that just have you sitting at a terminal slinging code.

Nite Team 4

Worries aside, NITE Team 4 does exist in a somewhat fictional universe. There are three possible campaign scenarios for the game’s main story, to be voted on by backers, all of which sound like fun. I may or may not back this one, but regardless I know I want to keep an eye on it. It might be fun to jump in the shoes of a black ops hacker.

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