In honor of International Spooky Month, today’s episode of Kicked! is taking a look at one of only a handful of Halloween games on Kickstarter. Haunted Halloween ’86 is that game, and it features a solid Kickstarter campaign with a great looking game attached.

Like I said, there aren’t that many Halloween specific games on Kickstarter. Sure there are tons of horror games, but games centered around Halloween itself are few and far between. We’ve had a couple this year in Mindless Box and Creekside Creep Invasion, but both have their share of issues.

The best of the rest

As for Haunted Halloween ’86, it deserves more than a passing glimpse as one of the best Halloween games on Kickstarter. A 2D beat ‘em up with an emphasis on story, this game is actually designed from the ground up for the NES. That’s right, this is one of those retro games made for hardcore collectors. Although thanks to the campaign raking in more than five times their funding goal ($26,260), there will be a Steam and Wii U version.

There are some issues with the campaign though. Its developers have been eerily silent since the campaign ended, and the game is already 30 years behind schedule. But for more details, be sure to check out this week’s episode of Kicked!

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