Thanks to Battlefield 1, many have recently learned there was indeed a World War I, and that World War II wasn’t named by the Xbox marketing team. Or Battlefield 1’s for that matter.

We’ve already seen our first World War I game post-Battlefield 1 on Kickstarter. It was inevitable, just like as our second, Command of War. Seeking $9,776, developer Red Cube Games is hoping to deliver an online multiplayer alternative to the already popular FPS, with a few differences.


…stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle…

Command of War is a 2D, pixel art side-scrolling RTS multiplayer game. We could probably add a few more quantifiers on there if we tried hard enough, but let’s keep it there for now.

There will be four playable nations: Britain, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Of course, the Soviet Union didn’t exist at this point in history, but whatever. It’s still more than what Battlefield 1 can say, which forgot Russia was even a thing, and decided to save the entire French army for DLC.

There will also be three game modes: Campaign, Skirmish, and Challenge. Really it’s just the campaign, as the Skirmish is an endless Campaign mode, and Challenge is a short game mode that sees you completing challenges.

commandofwar02It’s an sparse campaign page. Those last two paragraphs summed up the whole game. The rest of it is a couple of screenshots and an explanation why Red Cube is on Kickstarter. Is that enough to launch a Kickstarter campaign on? No, but perhaps anyone desperate enough for more World War I action already will have enough to go on.

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