Over the past few years, noir games have started to become popular. Some have even managed to make it on Kickstarter too. I’m a fan of this genre of storytelling, and Detective Gallo looks like a great addition to any fan’s collection. That it’s also a comedy adventure game just adds to the charm. It’s campaign is not running on Kickstarter, but rather an Italian site called Eppela. However, don’t let that stop you from checking it out.

Detective GalloThe basic story of Detective Gallo is that you play as a hard-boiled detective in a city that’s gone to the birds. Quite literally, actually. Everyone is some form of avian persuasion. Anyway, he takes on the case of a multiple plant homicide from an eccentric billionaire. You read that right: plant murders. In fact, what I’ve seen is hilarious. I tried out the demo and have already fallen in love with this one.

My initial impression of Detective Gallo and its colorful cast of characters was just how well the demo plays out. Outside of a couple head-scratching puzzles, I was able to get through without any problem. The story had me both in stitches and wanting to know who would take down five defenseless plants in their own home. Seriously, if you’re a fan of noir and comedy games you should really check it out.

Detective GalloThe only thing keeping me from jumping in headfirst on the crowdfunding campaign is the platform of choice. If you’re like me, and unable or unwilling to sign up for another site there is a PayPal option you can donate to. If the campaign doesn’t make it, they say they’ll refund you if you go this way.

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