Extra! Extra! Skull-smashing beard-em-up The Dwarves is coming out next month! See yourself in a brand new, 22-minute-long composition of the game’s supportive backers!

Putting my pitiful attempt at sounding like a paperboy from the 40s aside, I wanted to share that KING Art Games just released a video of the game’s backer-exclusive credits. If you backed the Kickstarter, then expect to see yourself running around as a blood-driven orc. Extra points go to those who can spot the vicious Cliqist!thedwarves_5

Get Ready

The exact release date for The Dwarves is December 1st, judging by an announcement made earlier in September. According to the developers, the date was chosen mainly to avoid October and November’s hectic AAA release period. For those of you waiting to bask in the glory of the game’s gorgeous physical rewards, expect those arrive around the same time digital copies hit stores.

The Dwarves has already had two betas open to backers, both featuring almost half of the game’s content. Despite encountering some balancing issues, I quite liked the game last time I played it. In fact, I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of tactical combat and narrative-based heroic epics. Plus, you can push orcs off bridges.

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