I’m a huge fan of Myst clones. I have to check out any game that lists this series as an inspiration. However, with Odyssey there’s so much more than a first person adventure puzzler. While there are plenty of headscratching puzzles contained in the narrative, it’s what these puzzles represent that has me very much interested in backing this one.


For starters, Odyssey is essentially an “edutainment” game. In this particular case, it teaches people about the history of scientific thought and principles throughout the ages. I’m all for learning about new things, or relearning ideas I might have forgotten after graduating from college. That it seems to seamlessly blend these concepts into a genre I’ve enjoyed for a long time just makes it even more enticing.

The basic story for Odyssey is an archeologist and his family have been working out of a series of islands in the Caribbean, but they’ve stumbled upon something. This is something that apparently has caught the attention of pirates. Fearing for their lives, the family barricades themselves deep in these islands. Setting up puzzles so someone intelligent can save them; it’s your task to solve them and rescue them.


The Kickstarter is for the first three “chapters”, which covers the topics up to Galileo’s time. There are plans to expand even further, up to Newton’s theories of motion and gravity. They state it’s for a sequel game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if The Young Socratics announce these extra chapters as a stretch goal.

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