Exciting days are ahead of KING Art Games, as the studio behind The Dwarves just announced its latest project: Iron Harvest. Directly inspired by Jakub Różalski‘s breathtaking, mech-heavy rural WWI art, the game offers a real-time strategy experience similar to Company of Heroes and Men of War.


In development for PC, Xbox One and PS4, Iron Harvest already looks impeccable. Set in the alternate reality of Różalski’s 1920+, the game puts players in a world where mankind’s fascination with technology and iron has lead to the invention of powerful walking machines. A handful of screenshots act as faithful renditions of Różalski’s haunting art, while also offering different perspectives on Iron Harvest‘s in-game combat and scenery.

Not a lot is certain when it comes to actual gameplay. However, we know that you’ll get to control squads of both mechs and soldiers. The game’s press kit also mentions a dynamic story-line featuring open sandbox missions. As with most games of the genre, a heavy emphasis on cover mechanics and dynamic destruction is to be expected. Actually, with mechs being involved that last bit sounds especially intriguing.


Breathing Life Into Art

It’s hard not to get excited about a game set within the alternate reality of 1920+. This world was created by Różalski through numerous thematic paintings in the past years. Focusing on a unique mixture between impressionism, mythology, rural nature and mechanical motives, the Polish artist’s work merges the familiar with the futuristic. Robots and farmers co-exist in a constant regime of fear, with men in military uniforms and giant walking machines brooding a bleak, yet oddly captivating world.

It’s also worth noting that the world of 1920+ isn’t strictly visual. While the whole project was initially based on the Battle of Warsaw from 1920, a narrative has been constructed involving mighty factions fighting for influence and hidden forces working towards the destabilization of Europe.


Iron Harvest certainly isn’t the first project based on Różalski’s 1920+. Last year, the hugely successful Scythe was funded on Kickstarter for close to $2 million. In addition, an extensive puzzle collection based on the artist’s work is currently on sale. And in case you’re wondering, Iron Harvest will most likely be heading to Kickstarter in the near future. This was confirmed to us by Różalski on Twitter.  Though, KING Art weren’t quite certain when we asked them on Facebook.

Being early in development, the game is scheduled for a release in 2018.

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