The Kickstarter campaign for Super Daryl Deluxe managed to raise just over the $7,000 it sought. The trouble is 7K isn’t very much money in game development. Unsurprisingly, while the game has continued to make progress it has been slow and arduous. The expected release date has come and gone, yet the game remains unfinished. A recent Kickstarter update hints that the patience of the campaign’s backers might finally pay off, eventually.


Dan & Gary Games, the developers behind Super Daryl Deluxe, have largely been working on the game in whatever snippets of free time they could sneak into their days. Following an investment from the RIT Venture Fund, they plan to finally begin developing the game full-time.

“No longer working for only a few hours each evening means that we can focus on a lot of things that have taken a back seat, like marketing the game and engaging with all of our early fans.”

The shift to full-time development also means they will be able to finish Super Daryl Deluxe much quicker than they’d previously expected, sorta. When they had originally explained the delay they had estimated the final version would be done sometime in late 2017. Not an unreasonable delay considering the scope creep they’d experienced since funding.


The update makes no mention of a new release date, but there is a link to the Super Daryl Deluxe Steam page. According to Steam the game’s release won’t happen until Spring of 2018. This may just be a conservative estimate on the part of the devs. Still, considering how long overdue the game is, it’s a point they may wish to clarify.

Super Daryl Deluxe looks like it will be a fun, quirky little 2D comedy RPG, when it comes out. Hopefully, backers will still remember having funded it when that finally happens.

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