After a rocky start to their Friends & Family beta, Illfonic and Gun Media have added an extra day to their Friday The 13th closed PC beta. Running until December 24th, backers and fans who pre-ordered Friday The 13th: The Game will get their first hands-on with the beta build.

Kickstarter and BackerKit supporters received their beta codes as well as 4 extras to share. Pre-orders can still be purchased during the beta through Backerkit and will also result in buyers scoring 5 codes for the beta. Important to note that once the codes have been redeemed, the purchase is considered “locked-in” and cannot be canceled.

Because nothing is sacred, an Imgur user was quick to break the beta’s NDA and post some screenshots ahead of it’s launch. The devs took to Twitter to simultaneously call them out and send out the link for everyone to ogle while their beta’s downloaded.

So, based on this early build, what can we look forward to in Friday The 13th? Slightly buggy, pants-shitting terror.

Not gonna lie, I’m both excited and terrified to finally wander the trails of Camp Crystal Lake. I’ve already heard a few amazing stories of counselor betrayal as everyone frantically tries to survive. If you didn’t snag yourself a beta code, or like me, have a super cool friend who gifted you one, you can always head over to Twitch and catch a stream of the action.

PC Exclusive Beta Build

Much to the disappointment of console players, the devs confirmed that there would not be a beta for the PS or Xbox. According to a post on the (currently, severely overtaxed) Friday The 13th Forums, skipping a console beta saves a considerable amount of the dev’s time. Since certification on consoles is far more stringent than on Steam, the team thought it best to pass up a console beta and risk having to delay the game further into 2017.

Despite this, the screenshots released on Imgur only show off key-mapping for controllers rather than my beloved keyboard setup.

Clearly, proof that the person behind the NDA breach is one evil SOB.

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