Players looking to make a fresh start on their Labyrinth dungeons are in luck. Free Range Games has just released a major update to their collectible card RPG. The update was so comprehensive that all player accounts have been reset to the new “starting state.” Gold and Stardust have been refunded equivalent to compensate for what players had previously spent on card packs through gameplay.

The update fixes a host of bugs which had been hindering player progress. The team has also added a bunch of new key features that bring Labyrinth closer to launch. The game will now support Mac as well.

Much of the new content focuses on the experience of new players. Reaching level 5 now unlocks an expanded and improved tutorial on defense and deck building. The entire card set has also received a visual and balance overhaul to tune their costs and effects. While this ultimately lead to some cards being cut from the set, the update has introduced a new card type to the fold.

Channeling Celestial Powers

New character, Maessna, the Dawn Queen, is a caster and celestial boss. Her introduction adds the new celestial boss trait and cards that allow players to channel the power of the gods. Celestial cards can cast devastating spells, manipulate time, and grant minions capable of summoning other minions to protect lairs.

A few online features have also been reworked. Labyrinth now runs on remote authoritative servers rather than local servers tasked with contacting to a remote database. This allows players to resume encounters if they have been disconnected and prevents potential cheating due to game sync issues.

The matchmaking algorithm now takes more factors into account, particularly a player’s activity level. Players who raid more dungeons will be subject to more raids themselves. Instead of constantly raiding, players now have the option of completing daily quests to earn extra gold.


In short, the new update makes it a great time to start out or get back into Labyrinth. The game is available on Steam Early Access.

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