Stranded in an unknown galaxy full of prison ship escapees, could you survive? This is the premise behind Mind Grown Software’s new action rogue-lite, Convicted Galaxy. Players will have to adapt quickly if they want to escape this 2.5D space based territorial game.

Taking inspiration from FTL, Risk of Rain, and The Long Dark, Mind Grown is hoping to raise $10,225 during their Kickstarter campaign. The game is far enough along that the devs are planning to release the beta version shortly after the campaign ends (approximately March). The full release for Convicted Galaxy is estimated as early as May 2017.

Each session drops players into a unique, procedurally generated star system. The Interstellar Correctional Fleet (ICF) prison ship they were traveling on has suffered a catastrophic event. Now the prisoners have all escaped and begun fighting for territory in the new galaxy. Starting out with little more than an escape pod, players must grow stronger while eliminating their competition.

Extending A Helping Hand

In between battles for space supremacy, players can rescue pilots in disabled escape pods to collect mission logs and unlock new content. Each upgrade to the ship’s hull will unlock special abilities. These additional ship capabilities unlock new ways to gather resources, attack or defend territory, and escape to fight another day.

The extra features are a nice touch, giving players more to look forward to than just firing lasers. Although there will still be plenty of dog-fighting to keep things dangerous. While not a survival game per se, the ability to claim territory by constructing and defending your own space station is definitely appealing.

Graphically, the 2.5D looks a little stilted. Current gameplay clips have all asteroids and planets resting on the same axis surrounded by empty space above and below. There is also a lot going on, with prisoners able to group up against you and each other. This will make keeping track of what’s going on during battles pretty intense.

Still, my complaints are minor and will likely be ironed out during the upcoming beta phase. You can check Convicted Galaxy out for yourself over on Steam Greenlight and its campaign page.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller