Every now and then I like to take a look at various indie development groups online. There’s always something intriguing in there, especially when it comes to games otherwise rarely seen in the big press. A few days ago, during one such stroll my gaze landed on a curious exhibit called Narita Boy.

Apparently it’ll end up on Kickstarter next month. Here’s a really short trailer:

Space, some sort of warning, a critical error, “they are coming”… Look, I really don’t know what’s happening, but apparently this Narita Boy is key in defeating some hostile creatures called stallions. More obvious is the game’s obvious inspiration from the 80s, as it glitches between a teen’s bedroom and some alien-looking overgrown vistas.

It’s hella cryptic, yet really cool-looking. In case you were looking for my expert analysis.

The game seems to be developed by Studio Koba, which is based in Tokyo and Barcelona. That’s according to the studio’s Facebook page, which doesn’tshow any past games developed by the company. It also points to a Twitter page that has almost nothing to do with videogames, which is a little bit odd. Still, the “about” page tells us that Narita Boy’s genre will be run & gun.

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