We at Cliqist loved playing through the dark sci-fi isometric adventure game Stasis. Well, the people at Brotherhood Games are back on Kickstarter with a post-apocalyptic tale called Beautiful Desolation. I backed it without a second thought, but it does look like a great game. With the pedigree behind it, I don’t doubt for one second it will be worth playing.

Beautiful Desolation

The basic story behind Beautiful Desolation is that in the 1980s a strange object appeared in the sky. Humanity, as it’s wont to do, started reverse engineering the technology. Peace, for the most part, was assured as all nations worked together. Then some tragedy hit. This tragedy caused the apocalyptic devastation seen throughout the game.

The premise by itself was enough to get me to back Beautiful Desolation, but that’s not all. The artwork looks beautiful, and we’re told the landscapes actually have been taken from the African countryside. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic sub-Saharan land. From the screenshots, it doesn’t look like your traditional wasteland seen in this type of game. Areas do look rather lush, and the ruins of civilization look to fit right in.

Beautiful Desolation

If you’re like me, and thoroughly enjoyed Stasis, then definitely check out Beautiful Desolation. It looks like it uses essentially the same engine so it should be pretty easy to pick up. For the first two days of the campaign, you can also pick up the game relatively cheap at $15. So do be sure to get in on this early bird tier if you’re interested.

I’m sure a game of this pedigree will have no problem getting funded, but I do wish them the best. I really do look forward to seeing where they take this one.

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