Post-apocalyptic puzzle/adventure game, Puzzle Depot may have missed its planned October 2016 release date, but the devs are determined to make the extra wait worth it for backers. In addition to bug fixing and building out story levels, Laughing Manatee Games posted an update to their campaign page about a new playable character.

Courtesy of Yacht Club Games, the folks behind crowdfunded juggernaut, Shovel Knight, Puzzle Depot will now feature a cameo from Tinker Knight. He comes complete with his own level and unique abilities.

As one of several unlockable characters, players must navigate a perilous world of aggressive creatures and environments. The game combines Sokoban-style box-pushing puzzles with a splash of RPG elements. The Kickstarter project raised just over it’s $5,000 goal in 2015.

“I Came Here To Throw Wrenches And Solve Puzzles”

Tinker Knight has the ability to hurl wrenches with deadly precision. This makes it possible to attack or even activate objects from a safe distance. That distance is necessary, because although his armor protects him from common hazards, Rust Mites can quickly prove lethal.

Laughing Manatee hasn’t revealed their next planned release date as of yet. However, backers will get access to an early version of Puzzle Depot ahead of any official release. In the meantime, you can check out their demo and follow their new Twitter account for future updates.

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