Knite & The Ghost Lights Dev Shutters, Backer Refunds Not Guaranteed

It always saddens me when I hear bad news about a project I’ve backed. It’s even worse when it was one I gave money to years ago. Unfortunately, Knite & The Ghost Lights has been plagued with some development issues. As of the latest update, we’ve been treated to some less than good news. And I honestly find myself more than a little frustrated about it.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

Perhaps the biggest news is that Knite & The Ghost Lights is getting scaled down considerably. From what I could gather, a lot of the story is being cut due to several factors. Aside from the stop motion artwork, this was the major selling point for me. I understand having to push back a project, but try to give what you’ve promised.

Of those factors forcing them to scale back on the project, perhaps running out of money and having people leave the development are the two biggest factors. That’s right. There’s no money left in the coffers and it’s all being done by one person now. I’ve seen good games release from just one person or a very small group that I’ve really enjoyed. Personally, this sounds like just an excuse but that’s just me.

And that brings me to the last piece of bad news in the update. Because of the above, Mobot Studios is shutting down. And it seems like, once Knite & The Ghost Lights is finally released that’s it for the studio. Because of all the terrible news, refunds might (and I mean MIGHT) be offered once the game starts to make money. If you want your money back, you’re gonna have to wait though. I’ll admit that I’m very much tempted to get a refund myself due to this delay.


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Serena Nelson
Serena Nelson