Lobster, otherwise known as Ian Kragh, is one of the most prolific miners of Kickstarter video game data around.  Read almost any Kickstarter thread in a video game forum and you’ll most likely seem him chime in with a mind blowing amount of data, analysis, and commentary.  Invaluable for developers, and deeply interesting for backers, Lobster’s Kickstarter video game analysis is a must-read for anyone involved in the crowdfunding community.

8 Doors

The campaign for 8 DOORS was canceled at 87 backers pledging $2,909.

It had a single $1,000 tier backer contributing at least 34.38% of the total amount pledged. If that backer is ignored it would be 86 backers pledging $1,909 for an average pledge of $22.20 per backer. With a $20,000 goal and a $15 priced game, I’d expect it to take about 588 (optimistic) to 645 (expected) to 909 backers (pessimistic) total to reach 100% funded.

Project update #3 mentions the game will be switching perspectives from top-down to a side-view and being redesigned for real-time action gameplay instead of turn-based.


Sunless Skies announced a free weekend on Steam for people to try Sunless Sea. Hopefully it provides the Sunless Skies campaign a boost.

Tiny Idle Action Heroes has a Saturday morning cartoon style song in its pitch video.

[iframe width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/starcat/tiny-idle-action-heroes/widget/video.html” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”] [/iframe]

Deep World was a title already taken by another game, so Deep World is now Deep Forest.

Unholy Night is currently at 226 backers pledging $13,319 (25.37% of its $52,500 goal). Its $10 tier is offering a physical brand new third-party SNES controller. This does not include an extra $10 for shipping (bringing the total up to $20). On Chinese wholesale sites it looks like third-party SNES controllers can be found at $3 to $5 each with minimum orders of 100.

Narita Boy announce a February 21st campaign launch date.

A 10 hours old Reddit account posted to /r/gamedev complaining how organic discovery within Kickstarter is hogged by big projects.

Kickstarter: Organic funding channels blocked by big titles, such as Banner Saga 3
byu/chicotaco0999 ingamedev

Then another new Reddit account also created on the same day posted on /r/kickstarter. This poster complained about Banner Saga 3, but the post was written in a way that lacked context for non-gaming followers of the subreddit. It appears to be the same person.

Kickstarter campaigns are just marketing for AAA, almost entire FB ads
byu/creamolafe inkickstarter

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