I like rhythm games. They’re not at the top of my list of genres, but I do find them to be an enjoyable diversion from the usual fare. Well, on-rails shooter Aaero looks to be a good addition to the collection of any fan of this genre. The best part? It’s actually almost finished. That means this one is further along than most Kickstarter projects.


Aaero is, as mentioned, an on-rails rhythm shooter. The indie soundtrack sounds great from what I heard in the video. The graphics look great, too. Combine it with what look to be interesting boss battles and you should have the recipe for success. Should being the operative word. I haven’t watched the “tutorial video” yet, but without doing so it’s hard to figure out exactly how the game plays.

That said, even without knowing the controls Aaero looks like a lot of fun. The game is already ready for Playstation and XBox release, so the campaign is purely to get it ready on Steam. That means they’re looking at a very short release schedule after the campaign ends. This project is to try to get that port out around the same time as consoles.


They’re not asking for a lot, obviously because it’s just finishing touches for a PC release. I’m sure they’d have no trouble reaching that in the time frame, but you can never tell with a Kickstarter campaign. I do wish them luck, though. I’m always looking for interesting games with unique features and Aaero looks to fit that bill.

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