The two World Wars have provided loads of potential stories to examine. However, most games focus on the conflict as a whole and the many battles waged therein. There are so few that deal with anything outside of the usual fare. That’s why it’s so interesting to see Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks focusing on one of the most important events to come out of Russia in the twentieth century.

Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks

The Russian civil war, or the Bolshevik Revolution, is almost unheard of in popular media these days. It’s a shame, as this period of history was a turning point for the country and areas around it. The death of the Czar led to the rise of some of the biggest names, like Lenin and Stalin. All of the events shaped what was to come in later decades.

The Gritty Details

The fact that the developers are looking to include major historical accuracy with Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks is commendable. History buffs should have no trouble finding something to love here. All without the crutch of occult strangeness or secret societies. There are even hints that the devs are looking to include a sort of encyclopedic knowledge.

Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks

Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks revolves around two brothers looking to escape Russia to someplace safe. As their journey takes them all over the place, players get a better understanding of the conflict. In short, this is a truly historical game with an engaging storyline, free from the usual fluff.

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