Brightly Studios has taken to Kickstarter to raise money for their next installment of the Bounce Series, Booty Bounce. They are hoping to raise $3,647 to begin production of the new, stand-alone visual novel. They also aren’t shy about the projects real draw, bouncy anime boobs.

The story follows protagonist Tobias Ren who finds himself hunting for treasure at the illustrious ‘Beach Bounce’ Resort. Since you can’t have a decent hentai story without a host of attractive women, the female resort staff provides ample lustful opportunities.

Pictured: Opportunities

Previous Bounce games were relatively short experiences. Brightly Studios is hoping to make Booty Bounce stand out by being significantly longer than its predecessors. Estimated to be roughly five times longer, the new project will feature 17 different characters to interact with, but let’s face it, that’s not why you’re still reading. On to the backer rewards!

All the rewards up to the $36 tier are digital only, but after that things get very Japanese, very quickly. Backers who pledge at the $85 tier will get their very own 3D Oppai Mousepad featuring any character from Booty Bounce. Pledge even higher and you’ll get access to the 2D Dakimakura bundle. This includes a host of double-sided pillow cases with full color photos of the scantly clad ladies. What’s that, you want boobs and pillows? Fear not sweet summer child, Brightly has you covered.

Similar to the 2D Dakimakura bundle, the 3D Oppai Dakimakura bundle features anime girls in various stages of undress with an added “3D component around the bust.” This extra, uh component will push your pledge level up to around $109, but you’ll also get other digital rewards and a copy of the game to round it out.

The campaign says that Booty Bounce will be ready to ship by November of 2017. Just in time for the lonely winter months.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller