Holy crap you guys. There have been a ton of visual novels trying to woo potential backers over on Kickstarter this week. Most of us aren’t able to throw money at any old thing that catches our fancy. As such, here’s a rundown of which visual novel projects will fill a particular void in your narrative loving hearts.

Dark Anime

Lots of visual novels mimic the style of Japanese Anime. Not a lot are actually able to match the feel properly. Fatal Twelve is an upcoming project from Japanese-based developer, AiueoKompany. The story follows an average high school protagonist, Shishimai Rinka. After an accident, Rinka becomes an unwitting participate in a ‘Divine Selection’ ritual. She will need to complete the ritual to undo her death. The art is gorgeous and the Japanese voice acting adds an extra level of authenticity. The project is being localized by SekaiProject and seeking $35,000.

Fantasy Adventure

If you’re looking for a more traditional adventure story, Crystalline features the perfect mix of action and romance. An unnamed protagonist is mysteriously transported to a fantasy world empowered by magical crystals and adorable girls. With a campaign goal of $48,811, PixelFade Studio hopes to create a choice heavy visual novel, complete with full English voice over and comedy-centric narrative. Since it’s a proper visual novel, Crystalline also features a complete relationship sim. Here, the player’s decisions and behavior help organically shape their relationships with each character. It’s standard, but well executed.

Queer Romance

Queer representation might be slowly gaining traction, but crowdfunding is still the best place to find new stories and ideas. Who We Are Now is a post-apocalyptic visual novel that ticks so many boxes it pretty much wins diversity bingo. The story follows Wes, who’s haunted by past trauma. After wandering alone in the post-apocalyptic wasteland he makes his way back to a settlement called, Home. Here he meets 4 men who’ve also struggled with loss and finds in them the potential for a new start after everything he’s ever known is gone.

The characters are diverse, not just in skin color or body type, but also in their unique situations and backstories. The developers are trying to raise $6,000 to release Who We Are Now next Spring. Everything about this project looks fantastic and setting the story after a world-ending event gives a unique perspective. Is humankind resilient enough to come together, even under the most extreme circumstances?

Yaoi Fluff

If you prefer a less serious approach to your boy love games, Full Service fills the niche nicely. A more traditional dating sim, Full Service features pretty anime boys and a comedic massage theme. Developer, Herculion (formerly Black Monkey Pro) isn’t going to make you work too hard to earn your sexy smut in this title. Players take on the role of workaholic, Tomoki Nakamoto who, through fate or chance, finds himself entangled in the lives of the male employees at the Full Service Spa. Players get to pick from four hunky masseurs to interact with and pursue through an affection system. The project has already surpassed its $20,000 funding goal on Kickstarter and is vigorously working on unlocking its stretch goals.

There were a few other visual novel campaigns that launched this week, but these four were the best of the batch. Whether through premise, delivery, or polish these are the campaigns that really stood out and look poised to deliver the best experience to their backers.

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