Gamedev Isn’t Hard, Just Convince Someone to Give You $500

William Lawther of OdinWorks Gaming Studio has figured out the secret to game development. Not only has he discovered that “Gaming Development isn’t extremely risky,” he’s also learned that any obstacle can be overcome with a sip of coffee and a little time. Who would’ve thought that it was all so simple?

So, why am I wasting time writing about other people’s games when I can just become the next Phil Fish or Derek Smart with a little time and effort? I decided to take a look at the Kickstarter campaign for OdinWorks Gaming Studio in exhausting detail and learn how to be a big league game developer.

$500, The Magic Number

First, you’ll need $500 to develop a breathtaking game full of  ground-breaking ideas. That seems to be low-balling it a bit, but what do I know, I’m just a writer. There’s plenty of free gamedev tools available, so developing a great game for the cost of a ’93 Civic with no title and a blown head gasket sounds perfectly reasonable.

Apparently, all an aspiring developer needs to do is to launch a Kickstarter, string together a vaguely worded description of a game, and ask strangers for money, then… success! Far be it from me to imply that all other game developers have it wrong, but they obviously haven’t had the same realization that Lawther and I now share. What a bunch of chumps.

Look for the release of my game, Daikanukem Forever later this summer alongside OdinWorks’ upcoming gaming opus; provided that five hundred bucks actually rolls in. No worries, I pinky swear this will work.


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Greg Micek

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