Sometimes a crowdfunding campaign comes along that hits all the right notes and really deserves some extra love and attention. This week we’ve picked Nick Gregory’s Kickstarter campaign for his pixel art platformer, Eagle Island.

While the project itself doesn’t push many boundaries, it’s premise and presentation are excellent. Players take on the role of a boy named Quill who is out frolicking with his pet owls one day (as young boys do). Suddenly, a massive eagle steals one of his avian buddies. Now it’s up to Quill and his remaining owl, Koji to rescue them. What follows is a whimsical platforming romp across procedurally generated levels chock full of adorable enemies hell bent on your destruction.

Is your owl a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

A Little Help From Your Friends

Quill is unable to fight on his own. Instead he launches Koji with unique falconry-based attacks in order to clear a path through their enemies and collect powerful totems. The totems grants Koji special elemental attack powers to help the duo along. It’s a standard metroidvania mechanic set apart by lush environments and cute characters.

The Kickstarter campaign has been slowly gaining on its $25,751 funding goal. With just over a week remaining Nick has already published several updates and a link to the game’s demo, hoping to generate more buzz.

Currently, the team has already programmed the first level, and are planning on using most of the funds raised for artwork. The plan is to continue building on this progress and launch the finished game around July of 2018. The game is currently trying to get on Steam Greenlight to handle PC, Mac, and Linux releases. Take the time to check this one out today.

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