A few days ago, we were lamenting the downfall of Indiegogo. There site has been lacking quality campaigns for months, and the few recent good ones like Long Gone Days and Ghost of Tale have struggled to meet their funding goal. Luckily for Indiegogo, Corecell Technology is here with AeternoBlade II with a fantastic campaign.

AeternoBlade II is the sequel to the original cult hit AeternoBlade, go figure. It’s an action platformer series with a unique look. Instead of stylized 2D graphics like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, AeternoBlade instead features 3D characters and environments, but in a 2D perspective. The whole thing also has a JRPG feel to it with its characters and presentation.

There is a ton of gameplay screenshots and gifs, as well as detailed explanations about the plot, characters, and gameplay mechanics. But it might be a bit difficult to decipher what exactly any of it means, as the English translation leaves a lot to be desired. Take this plot summary for example:

“After the event of AeternoBlade. Freyja has been living a peaceful life with her friends at the Ridgerode village. One day, The dimension begins to unstable and the existence of this reality seems to be disappeared. It is the cause of her actions to changed the world lines. To fix this, her journey begins once again.”

It’s a shame, because there is a lot of text, and the whole page is written like this. You can tell the developers want to talk about their game and show it off. They obviously care about it and want to get funding to complete it. But it sends such a bad message that they either couldn’t be bothered to hire a translator, or more likely they couldn’t afford to. How do we know the final game isn’t going to sound like this?

“In AeternoBlade,  because the limitation of the budget made us a lot of constraining to finish the game. But AeternoBlade II, we are now can aim to the better quality of gameplay and graphic.”

This would easily be the best Indiegogo campaign we’ve seen in months if they fixed the translation. This kind of high quality game is exactly what Indiegogo needs right now, but also crowdfunding in general.

There needs to be a level of competition between crowdfunding sites, but that doesn’t exist right now. Kickstarter is allowing campaigns like The Wall to go up, and gaming campaigns there have seen increasingly smaller funding for about a year. It’s more important than ever that there’s some kind of parity within crowdfunding.

Indiegogo needs more campaigns like this. The only way that is going to happen is if AeternoBlade II, and the recently launched Hypernova: Escape from Hadea, are both wild successes. We’re going to have to wait and see if they have the cache to breathe life back into Indiegogo. Should either one fail though, it’ll drive any hope of a revitalization into the ground.

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