Known for teaming up with Sony to bring us Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment is planning to give E3 2017 attendees a bite of their newest title. They officially announced Vampyr in January of 2015. The developers have said to expect the game’s release later this year. Despite this, the team has kept things relatively quiet regarding their supernatural action RPG.

Vampyr follows protagonist, Jonathan Reid, a skilled medical surgeon home from the war. After he is bitten by a patient, Reid realizes he needs the blood of others in order to survive. The story puts an emphasis on choice and morality as players determine who to help and who to harm while dealing with the consequences of their actions. Reid’s dark and desperate story unfolds against the gloomy backdrop of 20th century London.

Outside of a few convention appearances, there hasn’t been an abundance of marketing for Vampyr. This problem also plagued Dontnod’s first game, their AAA endeavor, Remember Me. Capcom published the cyberpunk action-adventure, garnering mostly average reviews from critics.

Keeping Fans In The Dark

The publisher behind Vampry, Focus Home Interactive has already announced that they’ll be bringing 45 minutes of brand-new gameplay to show off next week at E3. Unfortunately, they still seem to be keeping things tightly under wraps. Focus has said the gameplay presentations will happen behind closed-doors.

It’s always a little suspicious when a developer doesn’t seem eager to shout their game’s accolades from the roof-tops. Certainly it could be budget constraints that prevent them from spreading the word far and wide, but critics would be justified in wondering if maybe the game isn’t as close to ready as expected. Presumably we’ll all get a better picture of how far along Vampyr is (or isn’t) once more footage makes its way online. Hopefully, the gameplay will prove to be more than smoke and mirrors.

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