The general consensus of this year’s E3 is that it’s been rather bland. There haven’t been any big new announcements or surprises, just trailers for games we’ve already known about. Most disappointingly of all has been the lack of indie games. The biggest surprise this year is that Microsoft was the only one who bothered showing any indie games at their press conference. Events like IndieCade and Indie MegaBooth have largely flown under the radar with only two days left of the show.

Luckily, MIX is here to make this E3 a whole lot more festive, with a full suite of indie games.

Nidhogg 2

In the MIX

MIX LA, Media Indie Exchange Los Angeles, is exactly like IndieCade and Indie MegaBooth. It’s an event organized by independent developers and creators for the express purpose of showcasing indie games. But unlike those two events, MIX has some real heavy hitters.

Today (June 14), MIX will be showing trailers for, have playable demos of, and host the creators of games like Nidhogg 2, Sundered, and The Escapists 2. Other, smaller games will be there too like A Hat in Time, Overland, and Semblance. MIX has a good, well mix of just about everything you could want from indie games. They’ve got a good amount of variety in game genres and creators, they have a lot of well-known games and some that aren’t so well-known, and best of all the event is open to the public. Overall, it sounds like a pretty chill get together.

“Attendees can chat with the game developers while checking out their latest creations along with complementary beverages in a chill space where they can enjoy a mid-week evening palate cleanser, away from the main show commotion.”


What Game Are You Most Excited About?

It’s great to see so many events at E3 dedicated to indie gaming this year. Between these three shows, you’re bound to find something that’ll suit your interests. Unless you’re Sony or Nintendo and can’t be bothered with these dirty peasants.

Getting your game shown at E3, even if it’s an away from site event like this, is a huge deal. Expect to hear a whole lot more about games like Away: Journey of the Unexpected and Battle Chef Brigade after this event, from your friends, family, enemies, and from us here at Cliqist.

This is truly a great time to be an indie games fan.

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