It’s been a while since developer OhNoo Studio has reached out to touch base with their Kickstarter backers. With the Steam page for their upcoming adventure game, Tsioque calling for a late 2017 release, it was probably time to check in once again.

The gloriously hand-animated point and click was funded for $39,156 on Kickstarter in 2015. Of course all that handiwork isn’t quick to produce so development has fallen a bit behind schedule. Coupled with the fact that backer updates have also been coming fewer and further between it’s understandable that some fans would start getting antsy. If only there was something to distract them?

It was only logical for the devs to add a little something extra to their latest update that even the most stoic of skeptics would have to appreciate. That’s right, Tsioque is getting a dog.


I don’t even care if they are just trying to buy additional time and goodwill by slipping a cute pupper into the game. It worked and I want it. While the update hints our newest companion may not be the brightest dog in the world he is loyal. Really, what more could you ask for when you’re trying to escape the castle of an evil wizard?

Who’s A Good Game?

Well, okay an actual release date might be nice. Currently the team is planning to “release before the Christmas madness starts.” Hopefully, their next update will be a little more precise or at least offer more cute animals.

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