I enjoy reading almost every piece of information released on projects I’ve backed on Kickstarter. However, sometimes an update comes along that has less than good news. Unfortunately, the latest update for Project Resurgence is nothing but bad news. I’ll get into the details below, but suffice it to say I’m not particularly happy about what’s happened to it and Nectar Game Studios.

Project Resurgence

It’s not unheard of for a project to get canceled for some reason or another. This is especially true for software titles. I’ve seen it happen way too often lately, but Project Resurgence just the latest to have it happen. It seems that all of the Kickstarter money has dried up and they have no funds left to continue development. It also seems that nobody is willing to put any more money into finishing the game.

This has all led to the entity known as Nectar Game Studios shutting down completely. It also means that we won’t see Project Resurgence release any time soon, if at all. In fact, from my understanding it’s shelved for good. And the worst part is that due to having no money refunds aren’t being offered.

Project Resurgence

The full details for what happened will be stated in a future update, but the writing is definitely on the wall here. There’s going to be nothing for backers’ investments. And it all understandably has a cross-section of them angry. I don’t blame them. We’ve given our own hard earned money to a project we had faith in. I’m honestly not happy about it myself, but I’ve been around long enough to not let it get to me too much. At least they’ve bit the bullet and told us, unlike some projects that have gone completely dark on us.

Project Resurgence

I really don’t like getting news like this, and I’m far from the only one. Despite knowing there’s some risk involved in backing a Kickstarter, it still leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. It’s led some people to stop backing anything, or at least video games, entirely. I know I’ve slowed down considerably, even for ones that look promising. Partly due to finances and partly because of titles like Project Resurgence, I’ve found myself to be a lot more discerning with my money. And it’s sad to see people start to give up over failed projects.

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