The Sci Fi and chess-inspired title Edge of Horizon now has a playable demo, taking players into a new dimension of strategy.

Available through the game’s official website, the demo provides an early build of the title for players to melt their brains with. Taking place on a rotatable rubik’s cube in space, Edge of Horizon sees players attempt to guide their fleet of space ships to victory with chess based gameplay. Each ship has its own stats, design and attack animations, from a cluster of speedy  pods with a precision laser to a traditional cruiser able to fire bursts of beam blasts. A recently released trailer highlighting these elements can be viewed below.

Each turn, players can choose between positioning their fleet for attack on one plane or rotating a section of the arena, moving units to a new plane of the cube. This can make for matches with several times as much depth as a normal strategy game. Players have to consider strategies across multiple boards, with units capable of getting behind the enemy through careful manipulation of the cube.

Though the demo only offers a player vs. PC mode, both one vs. one and online multiplayer modes will be available in the full version.

Players can get wrap their heads around this new take on strategy when it hits PC on January 25, 2018.

The game’s current footage looks a bit rough, but the potential for a long lasting title is there thanks to its original take on turn-based strategy. Here’s hoping the game receives some attention with this new demo and gives the creator the push they need to really make this game shine.

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