The new teaser trailer for Cypher Creations’ Strawhart shows there’s more than a little magic waiting in its world.

Posted to YouTube on December 30 and to the Indie DB January 4, the Strawhart trailer begins with panning shots of the game’s settings and environments. Black birds fly over groves of trees that have shed their leaves, with a path leading into the distance. There are shots of a farm with massive pumpkins and haystacks, as well as an ominous manor with a candle-lit hall. In the video’s description, Cypher Creations writes that there will be six worlds in all, each with a 64-bit art style created using the Unreal Engine.

The trailer then shows off some of the gameplay elements, with the player using different abilities and tools to interact with the environment. One moment, they’re using some sort of grappling hook to traverse a gap between balconies; the next, they fire a laser to knock loose a heavy object and destroy a glass floor. Other elements of the world provide hazards as well, with distant turrets firing projectiles, ice blocks falling from the sky and swarms of black birds blocking the player’s path. All the while, a haunting chime melody plays in the background, swelling into intense strings with the action on screen.

The trailer ends by zooming in toward a young boy in the attic of a house, with a red-eyed black bird landing outside of a window. Though no specific date or intended consoles are given for Strawhart, Cypher Creations say in their post to Indie DB that they aim to deliver the game in 2018.

Though the trailer isn’t much to go by, what is there is promising in its own right. Lighting effects are spot on, and the music by composer heyitsjosh only makes the world that much more enticing. This’ll definitely be among some of the other heavy hitters to watch in 2018.

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