The newly announced Lost Land Metanoia is only about 20 percent complete, according to solo-developer Gen Afanasev of Pointerix Studios, but he’s trying to make the abstract puzzle-adventure game worth the wait.

Short and Emotional

Metanoia is a Greek word meaning to change one’s way of life; Afanasev wants his game “to represent a transient flow of life.”

The Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Monument Valley, and Journey-inspired game (that’s a lot of inspiration to go off of) looks to give players a short “one-evening” experience, while creating an emotional connection.

Lost Land Metanoia will be broken up into chapters, each with its own unique design elements, gameplay ideas, music and tone. The unvoiced story will match these changes as players progress through the game. This voiceless narrative is meant to work with the game’s minimalistic style.

This will be Pointerix Studios’ second game, its first being an Android and Windows Phone app called Overlapped.