In Moving, you control a parasitic plant.

By hopping into deer, you can move. That’s good news for a plant; as the game’s title suggests, it’s your goal to spread as far from your pond home as possible. By controlling the deer, you can also spread to other deer – also good for travelling as far as possible!

But spread too much from one deer and the deer will die. Travel too far, and the deer will run into monkeys, which hunt them. If your deer dies, you can’t move any more. Luckily, for you and the deer at least, spreading into the monkeys kills them.


In this way, you can manipulate the ecosystem of the game to get further and further from your starting location – leaving a trail of deer and monkeys in your path.

But you don’t care about that. You’re just a plant.

Moving presents this natural reality without judgement, inviting the player to explore it themselves in a pretty and colourful vignette.

Moving is available to download for pay what you want on

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