You’re traveling through another game, a game not only of tanks and treads but of tryhards. You’re moving into a server of both salt and sorrow, of wins and wonder. You’ve just entered: The Gold Room.

In celebration of Twitch’s Indie Amplifier contest Treadnauts developer, Topstitch Games has created The Gold Room. A most prestigious affair, The Gold Room is an online server for Treadnauts that appears at erratic hours of the day. Sometimes it opens during lunch for twenty minutes, other times players can access it in the dead of night.

Whenever the room opens, a stream goes live on Topstitch’s Twitch page. For the lucky few in attendance, curious things happen in The Gold Room.

Beyond the Door

Sometimes it will rain gold on the players. Perhaps a pulsing pack of bombs will spawn on you. Others claim that messages appear on-screen, specifically tailored to them. Anything is fair game on this server.

Players unlucky enough to lose a game get booted from the server. The rest vie for a chance at surviving long enough to attain victory. Though details are scarce, Topstitch has promised enticing rewards for the best performing players.

Follow Topstitch on Twitter and Twitch for your chance to enter The Gold Room. Treadnauts is currently available through Steam Early Access.

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