While controlling like a Mega Man game and being structured in a classic metroidvenia style, Ambrosia hopes to win players over. It offers a large and changing world, a focus on frantic combat, and many weapon customization options.

This 2D side-scroller takes place on an island of recent technological advancement. After uncovering an ancient civilization the island mysteriously vanished. Ambrosia’s protagonist, Iris, manged to find the lost island while searching for her missing friend. Now she’ll have to traverse the strange lands. 


Unique Areas and Weapon Customization

Iris’ journey through Ambrosia will take players from forests, to mountains, city streets, and even ancient ruins. Developer Realmsoft has promised to make each area not only look different, but feel and play differently as well. Each area will offer new enemies, map layout rules, and challenges.

To conquer each area, Iris will need the right tool for the job. Weapon customization is a key point to the game, with unique weapon modifications found throughout the levels. Each upgrade brings a new property or effect to your arsenal.


Realmsoft is looking for $30,000 to fund the project through KickstarterBackers who pledge $15 or more will get a digital copy of the game upon release. You can keep up with the development of Ambrosia on Twitter.