When you first open Bloom, it seems very drab. A blank grid stretches out into the darkness, inviting you to bring it to life with the undulating, neon plants that you can create and the music that they bring in turn.


Though this prototype version has only four kinds of foliage, there are many permutations and combinations to play with. For example, the size of each plant will change the sound that it makes, so there’s plenty of experimenting to be done. And they all harmonise so well together that even the clumsiest collection can become a glowing, vibrant garden that both looks and sounds gorgeous.

In development

It will be intriguing to see what new creations future versions of Bloom can bring. The developer’s Twitter page hints at kelp, and even watching it sway all by itself is mesmerising. A gentle, underwater scene could be the perfect balancing act for the current bright forest creations.

Bloom’s prototype is available to download for pay what you want on itch.io.

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