Before I Forget is a narrative game exploring the life of Sunita, who has dementia.

By moving through her house, players will unlock memories that she had previously forgotten. These are visualised with the spread of colour through the previously monochrome rooms, an effective way of showing Sunita’s reconnection with her memories and her past self.

before i forget

Exploring the Past

There is an air of mystery that stems not from the fantastical or spooky, but simply from trying to piece together this very real puzzle. Sunita’s illness is addressed sensitively; the team at 3-Fold Games have been working with care assistants and dementia experts to incorporate symptom-like elements like flashbacks and audio-visual distortion.

The game is growing from a jam game that won the audience award, and from its demo it promises a measured but emotive look at an under discussed issue that nonetheless touches many people’s lives when the game launches later this year.

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