Growing up there has always been pets in my household. Though it wasn’t until my teenage years did we have indoor cats. As cute and lovable as they are, at night in particular they can be pains in the butt. Especially when you are trying to sleep or they want your attention. Chris Chung and Fire Hose Games have put out Catlateral Damage. Catlateral Damage lets you experience it from the perspective of the cat, especially if you have VR. It is so much fun to be a pain and go around knocking as much down as you possibly can!

Play from the perspective of the cat

This game was played on the PS4 and is VR compatible, but it is not required to play the game. When you first start you play the tutorial showing you how to use your right and left paws to knock stuff down. You will have to jump up on shelves, tables and desks to knock as much stuff as you can down. Keep in mind you don’t get points for the stuff if it doesn’t hit the floor.  If it falls off the shelf onto the bed or couch; no points until it is on the ground.

There is a 7 minute time limit where you want to get 300 points for the first mission. Some items are worth more points than others so it’s worth looking at the list to see what you should be spending your time on. Certain items will unlock presents and power ups so make sure you open the gifts to get skills like higher jumps and more powerful swats. If you find the timed mode too tricky you can try one of the other modes like Litterbox.  In Litterbox mode there is no time limit, you just try to knock as much stuff down as possible to get a high score. If you knock down a photo of cat you will unlock that kitty as a playable character.

Choose which fuzzy a**hole you want to be!

You get to chose where in the house you get to create chaos. The bedroom, kitchen and living room would be the ones you expect but the room with the T-Rex skeleton is an awesome choice. Nothing like taking down the whole skeleton by taking out a load bearing bone!

This game isn’t long but will definitely keep you busy if you are someone who has to complete everything. There are 230 kitties to unlock and you can always try to best your high score or challenge a friend in a high score challenge. You can also see if you are able to get the point goal in each level in under 7 minutes. At this point I still haven’t been able to knock off enough stuff to hit the goal. Prioritizing which stuff to knock off really makes a big difference in your score!

If you like cats or just like being destructive this may be the game for you. Or if you have an evil cat and want to know the appeal of knocking things over, this game will give you some insight on the appeal. Catlateral Damage is on sale for 75% off right now, so for less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee you can experience the joy of being a cat!

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