The Messenger is this week’s PIROTW! (We may have to rethink that acronym.) In this brand new weekly Cliqist feature, we’ll highlight one physical indie game release every week. Physical media is a wonderful thing, and no longer reserved just for AAA titles.

In fact, small publishers are putting out physical indie games at an exponential rate. Limited Run puts out many games from all kinds of different developers. Other studios are self-publishing small runs of their own games, like Dispatch.

In other words, there’s clearly a market for physical indie games in an increasingly digital market. This trend looks to be gaining momentum with the release schedules for 2019 already stacked.

Scroll in Hand

This week’s highlighted game is The Messenger. It’s heavily inspired by 8 and 16-bit titles, specifically Ninja Gaiden. Indeed, The Messenger is an action platformer starring a sword-wielding ninja from developer, Sabotage Studio.

On the surface, The Messenger looks like a good homage to the titles that inspired it, however, there is more here than meets the eye. There are hints of something unusual going on in the humorous dialogue. Even more, a switch from 8-bit to 16-bit graphics takes place partway through the game. It’s a unique title that deserves a good long look from platformer fans.

The Messenger originally released on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows in August 2018. A PlayStation 4 port just released this week to coincide with physical pre-orders.

The Messenger

8 more bits!

The physical copies of The Messenger are being published by Special Reserve Games. They’re selling copies for both the Nintendo Switch and the newly ported PlayStation 4 version. Special Reserve is also offering an old-school instruction booklet and stickers in the box, too.

Limited Run Games will also be selling copies, although they will come from Special Reserve. Copies of The Messenger sold by Limited Run will have exclusive cover art. As such, collectors will have to drop money for 2 copies if they want both versions.

The Messenger is available for pre-order for $34.99 USD. Special Reserve expects to ship in June 2019. Limited Run expects to ship their copies in July.