Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton has a lengthy interview with crowd funding Godfather Tim Schafer.  Interestingly enough the interview focuses very little on the nitty gritty of Schafer & company’s crowdfunded adventure game Broken Age, and instead goes into the good and bad of crowd funding.  From where $3.3 million goes : 

The original budget, after you take out rewards and the documentary and a lot of things, came to about two million dollars for the game itself. And that’s about the size of Stacking or Costume Quest. In terms of budget. I mean Grim [Fandango] was about three million dollars in 1998. The eventual budget [of Broken Age] might be comparable to Grim Fandango, adjusted for inflation.

To what developers should expect when starting a campaign :

I definitely would caution against just seeing it as easy money, or a sure thing that you’re entitled to. I think you have to really think about: Are you telling an interesting story by having a Kickstarter? Because I think that all those pitches on Kickstarter have to be: This is an incredible story. Like, bringing adventure games back. That was a good, compelling story.

You can read the whole interview here.  After that, head over to the official Broken Age website and enjoy the lack of screenshots while you wait for its early 2014-ish release date.

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