War! With North Korea

nnk2Looks like it’s happened.  We nuked North Korea.  Well, we will if someone can get $5,000 before October 1st. Giminc Development has started a Kickstarter campaign to help complete development of their Windows and Mobile platform 3D tower defense game “Nuke North Korea!” or NNK for short.  Although the campaign write-up states that “…making dozens of North Koreans explode violently makes us chuckle,” the developers go on to point out that it’s all in jest, and they have “…nothing against Koreans.”  They go on to address the potentially polarizing game title :

Secondly you might ask “can you make a game with this name?”. Well that is a question we are trying to get answered from the app stores and such, but getting answers from stores without submitting a complete game is like pulling teeth.  Although we do have a backup plan, should this be an issue it still will be N.N.K! but it would stand for Non Nulcear Kill instead. Either way this game will be published wether(sic) or not this is an issue we run into, rest assured of that!

In the face of having to change the name they’ll go from nuking North Korea, to a non nuclear solution.  If only real-world non-proliferation discussions were as simple as Google giving a firm “No.”


nnk1NNK is apparently near completion, and on-track for a January 2014 release date.  Funding dollars are being earmarked for “game completion,” with the stretch dollars going towards things like IOS, Win Mobile, and Flash support ($10,000), a Steam release ($15,000), a bunch of additional content ($20,000), and so on up to $100,000.  For backing the project you can get things like digital content, including wallpapers and in-game upgrades, T-shirts, a graphic novel, and even the opportunity to contribute some design work.

Follow the Nuke North Korea Kickstarter campaign here.


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