shantae2Wayforward, creators of the recently released Ducktales Remastered, launched a new Kickstarter campaign this week.  This time the title isn’t just a fancy remake, but a fancy original game in their in-house series Shantae.  The new project, Shantae : Half Genie Hero, will be the fourth game in the Shantae series, the the millionth title from Wayforward (see, they do a lot of ports).  The funding video for Shantae is interesting because it doesn’t feature anyone staring at a camera asking for money, instead it includes almost nothing but gameplay.  You can’t get much more clear cut than that.  So, why are Wayforward asking for $400,000?

Our funding price will allow us to create an action-packed opening stage (with boss), 3 Chapters, and an exciting conclusion; similar to previous Shantae games. But why stop there? Together we can make this game truly epic by reaching our STRETCH GOALS!

shantae3Speaking of stretch goals, they may seem a bit on the optimistic side, but after only 3 days they’re already to over $180,000.  If they get into stretch goal territory then for an extra $100,00 Wayforward will add the ability to play as Shantae’s arch nemesis, Risky Boots.  Another $100,000 means we’ll get a new adventure and a new transformation.  If total funding reaches $700,000 then the team will add a mode that let’s players replay the game with rebalanced stats and special moves.  From there it’s $100,000 tiers up to $1.3 million, but there’s no info on those yet.  Rewards include the usual assortment of wallpapers, posters, t-shirts, an art book, and so on.  If you’ve got some spare cash you could buy your image into the game, or even an invite to the Shantae : HGH wrap party in October 2014.

The Shantae : Half Genie Hero Kickstarter campaign runs until October 4th.  Look for it to be released late next year for all home consoles and PC.

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